Some Great Example of Mike's Antiques Quality and Craftsmanship

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"We’re always working on something great out here. Please stop by to see what we’re up to and find an antique or piece of furniture you would like to have customized for your home."

Mike’s Antiques

17368 254th Street
Zwingle, Iowa 52079
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Welcome to Mike’s Antiques

Just a little off the beaten path...

Located just a little off the beaten path, but well worth the effort, is Mike’s Antiques. Don’t let the austere facade of the building mislead you, for inside this building is over $350,000 of the most beautiful antique furniture this side, or any side, of the Mississippi.

Step into Mike’s world and experience beauty in wood, design, and craftsmanship. You will find breath taking antique furniture that will turn your home into a designer’s show place.

Mike has been working with antique furniture since 1988 and has demonstrated over time that he is a master craftsman in the trade.

What do we do at Mike’s?

The project that started it all. The clock you see above was a project Mike under took during his Junior year in high school. From then on he knew exactly what he wanted to do. After that he started buying antiques and refinishing them. People wanted to buy them and that led to Mike opening his business.

Mike’s specialty is two-piece built in cupboards. Mike also offers mirror silvering, furniture striping, repairing furniture, refinishing and chair canning.

Mike will buy, sell or trade furniture and he will deliver. He is open Monday - Saturday from 9:00AM to 5:00 PM or by appointment.