Some Great Example of Mike's Antiques Quality and Craftsmanship

Worth the Drive

Mike welcomes trades also. So no matter what you're looking for its worth the drive to Mike's Antiques.

Mike’s Antiques

17368 254th Street
Zwingle, Iowa 52079
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Mike's Shop

Outside view of Mike's Shop

A whole different story once you step inside

Granted the outside of Mike's Antiques does not look like your typical antique showroom, but inside its a different story. Hundreds of pieces of quality antique furniture in various states of repair and finish. This is where Mike works his miracles and creates some of the most beautiful furniture available. Step inside this door and behold.

A part of Mike's shop

Picture of the Tools used in Mike's Shop

This is a part of Mike's shop. You can see some pieces in the far background that are in various stages of repair and refinishing. This is also where Mike can create a piece from your own specifications.

The finish stripping chamber

Picture of the Stripping Chamber

This is the striping chamber where Mike takes off all the old finishes, paint and varnish and gets the piece down to its natural wood. From there malicious care is taken to restore any damaged pieces and then the piece is ready for restoration and refinishing.

Inventory waiting for a home

Picture of antique inventory waiting for a home

Some of the inventory in Mike's shop is waiting for a home. Generally customers will pick out a piece and tell Mike what they want and then Mike refinishes the furniture to the customer's specifications. As time permits Mike may restore certain pieces for general inventory.

Heading for refinishing

Picture of a piece in progress heading for refinishing

Here the top of a cupboard is in the process of being repaired and then will head for the refinishing stage. It will be married up with its base at a later stage of the process.

Different states of repair

Picture of a piece in different states of repair

Various other pieces in a different stages of repair. At some point they will be refinished and the appropriate hardware will be attached. Another satisfied customer will display proudly an antique from Mike's Antiques.

Ready for delivery!

Picture of a finished piece

Finally ready for delivery. Here the top of a china cabinet is ready for the delivery van. Mike offers delivery on all his furniture.